Build Event Room Details

Elastic Launched Glider (B) / Wright Stuff (C)

Both flying events will be held in the Ramin Room of Bartels Hall.

Floor Dimensions:  48 meters x 38 meters (roughly 40 x 25 meters clear open space)

Height to Girders:  12.2 meters (see below for obstructions up to 1 meter below girder height)

Notes on Ramin Room:

  1. There is a floor-to-ceiling protective net on the climbing wall side of the space which is a potential ‘prop-catcher’.

  2. The light covers extend ~ .5 meters below the level of the girders

  3. The net room dividers (pulled up as high to the ceiling as possible) extend ~ 1 m below the girders

  4. There are other hanging nets which extend an additional 9 meters out from the climbing wall nets on part of the climbing wall side of the room. See the attached photographs for clarification.

  5. We will plan to have a helium balloon on-site, however the chance of retrieval of any models hung up on lights, girders, or nets at more than 20 – 25 feet are slim to none.

  6. The Ramin room will be open on Friday from 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm and Saturday from 6:00 am - 8:00 am. The event supervisors will allow trim flights during downtime throughout the day at their discretion (NOTE: HVAC SYSTEM MAY BE RUNNING ON FRIDAY).

** There will be multiple ‘repair tables’ set up near the judges stations at the event.  Repairs requiring the use of any kind of glue (CA, Duco, Ambroid, Elmers … ANY kind of glue!) must be done on those tables!!!  If any student is seen using an adhesive cement/glue anywhere other than the ‘repair tables’, that student’s team will be disqualified from the event.  This is to protect the facilities that are so graciously being provided to us and will be absolutely enforced!

Ramin Room_climbing wall_Wright Stuff_ELG-.JPG
Ramin Room_climbing wall_Wright Stuff_ELG-Net detail 2-0105.JPG

Battery Buggy (B) / Mousetrap Vehicle (C) / Roller Coaster (B)

Both vehicle events as well as Roller Coaster will be held in Newman Arena (located in Bartels Hall).

Newman Arena_Mousetrap_BatteryBuggy-.JPG