Tournament Activities

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Check back frequently as this schedule will be updated with additional fun activities and events!


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Opening Ceremony

  • 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm on Friday in Barton Hall

    • Entrance from the Statler Drive side of Barton (accessible entrance from Garden Avenue side)

  • Teams are encouraged to wear festive clothing related to their home state.

  • Each team will be assigned a row of (17) seats on the floor of Barton Hall (seating chart coming soon)

    • The remainder of parents, coaches, students, and other attendees may sit in the rows/bleachers on the perimeter of Barton Hall.

  • This year’s Keynote Speaker will be former Mythbusters star Grant Imahara.


    • Each competing school may select a maximum of (4) students to represent them in the Parade of States.

    • Teams can represent their state and school by carrying a state flag and/or a school flag/banner. Many teams “dress up” to represent their state: “cheeseheads” from Wisconsin, “cowboys” from Texas, etc.

    • The banners and all materials MUST be shorter than 10 feet wide or tall.

    • Students are to report to Barton Hall (via Garden Ave. entrance) by 6:00 pm SHARP to line up for the parade.

Closing Ceremony

  • 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm on Saturday in Barton Hall

    • Entrance from the Statler Drive side of Barton (accessible entrance from Garden Avenue side)

  • Business attire is required for the Closing Ceremony - costumes or other accessories that distract from the formality of the event are prohibited.

Swap Meet

The swap meet is a chance for the team to proudly show off their state and to learn something new about other states.  Be sure your team brings items to swap with other teams. These items could include caps, pins, stickers, or oranges!  Your chamber of commerce, local businesses, or state visitors’ centers are often willing to donate items. Everyone on the team should have at least 10 items to exchange and many students exchange more than 10 items! No selling of items is permitted.

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